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Calming Body Oil

Calming Body Oil


Our Calming Body Oil is made with 100% natural non comedogenic carrier oils and essential oils. Suitable for all skin types.

Since is packed with antioxidants, healing properties, vitamin E, and vitamin A, you'll see improvement on your skin tone, elasticity and softness over time. It also gives luminosity and elasticity to skin in general.


Tip: Use it as a body oil at bedtime to relax and give your skin a boost to regenerate while sleeping.


Scent description: Sweet floral, relaxing.

  • Ingredients

    Non-GMO Grapeseed oil, Organic Sweet Almond oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Lavender essential oil, Roman Chamomile essential oil.

  • Benefits

    - Moisturizes, and rejuvenates skin.

    - Helps to prevent bacteria from growing on skin

    - Softens the hair to allow the blade to glide smoothly over skin resulting in much less irritation.

    - Forms a coating over the skin to protect it from the blade.

    - Leaves the skin moisturized and luminous for hours without feeling greasy.

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