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5 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

This beautiful shrub with gray-green leaves and flowers that vary between different shades of purple, gives us the essential oil that we love so much. It originates mainly from France, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Croatia. It is obtained mainly through steam distillation using the flowers. Its color varies from totally colorless to pale yellow and its aroma is fresh, soft, floral, and herbal.

Its main therapeutic properties are analgesic, antibacterial, antidepressant, sedative, healing, and anti-inflammatory.

A bee flying to a English Lavender flower. Essential Oil benefits.

Lavender has been used for centuries. For example, the Romans and Egyptians used it as perfume, for baths, and in cooking. Lavender essential oil seems to have infinite benefits as its uses can range from aromatherapy with positive benefits for the emotions, to cooking*, where it provides a unique and relaxing flavor as well as health benefits. Now let's get to the part that interests us most: how does it help us?


Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Promotes relaxation

One of the main components of this oil is linalool, which is known for its numerous health benefits such as acting as a natural anxiolytic, therefore reducing stress levels. For this reason, by inhaling this oil through aromatherapy, we can feel relaxed and lower levels of anxiety and nervousness.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

Another benefit of linalool and linalyl acetate is to reduce inflammation and act as a natural analgesic. Some studies have found that Lavender essential oil can improve conditions related to inflammatory processes in the body resulting in relief from pain. This essential oil can also help treat stress-related skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, and tingling as well as soothe muscle aches and headaches.

It is a natural sedative

A study showed that this essential oil can reduce the difficulty in falling asleep. For this reason, many have this oil as part of their nighttime routine.

Repels mosquitoes

There is evidence that the chemicals found in most insect repellents have harmful health consequences. One study showed that lavender essential oil is 93% effective in repelling mosquitoes to prevent dangerous diseases such as Zika and Chikungunya. Our Repel spray contains this essential oil and others that have been proven to repel most insects.

Prevents infections

This essential oil has antibacterial and healing properties, so it is an ideal and all-natural solution to support the treatment of skin infections, insect bites, and pimples as well as promoting healthy skin.#

Lavender Bouquet essencial oil benefits

In short, Lavender essential oil promotes a general sense of well-being, so we do well having it in our natural medicine cabinet to continue our journey towards a home free of harmful chemicals. If you are interested in using this oil in your diffuser, you can get it at this link.

You can enjoy the benefits of this oil in almost all of our products. Some of the most popular are: Sweet Dreams, Grounded, Monthly Cramps, Strong Nails, and our Calming Body Oil.

If you learned something new from this article, share it with others so that they too can enjoy the benefits of lavender essential oil.

* Generally recognized as safe for consumption by the FDA. Consult with an aromatherapist or specialist for safe ingestion. For this use, it must be 100% pure and of quality.

# For topical use, it is advisable to dilute it appropriately to avoid irritation and for better absorption.

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Lovely article! I found you based on a post your husband did in the Lavender Addicts group on Facebook. I am in Nashville but am a 4th generation Virgin Islander w Puerto Rican ancestors. So happy to see you're doing lavender too! My farm is Gigi's Lavender Farm in Whites Creek TN

Queren Matos
Queren Matos
Aug 26, 2021
Replying to

I'm so happy you liked it! Your farm has been added to our list of MOST GO places! I can only imagine what it could be like to enjoy a Lavender field on a daily basis.

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