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How Earthy scents was born

Meet Queren Elianne

Earthy Scents Owner

My journey with essential oils started in a moment in my life when I was looking for natural solutions for some health issues. At first, I was a bit skeptical since I didn’t really believe "some oils" would have a real impact on my health. To be honest, I just wanted some relief so I gave essential oils a chance and for my surprise, they worked! The best part was that the relief didn’t come along with the unpleasant side effects we all dislike so much and they were the perfect complement to my treatment.


I tried essential oils for other aspects of my daily routine that I was trying to improve and soon enough, I saw more positive results. Naturally, I started sharing my experience and essential oils with those closest to me. Once again, I could see that the benefits were real. As a result, I came to the conclusion that I just had to share this good knowledge with everyone I could and Earthy Scents was born and so came the blends.

Since that moment, I’ve had the privilege to see how specific essential oils blends can help people not only with emotions but with their overall wellness as well. My goal will always be keep on learning as much as I can so I’m able to help people to find a healthy way to achieve the best overall wellness they deserve.

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